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Sécural "Basic" Package

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Sécural "Plus" Package

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Cédal Package

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Sécural™ "Basic"

Package (basic services) includes:

  • Two rounds (visits) of surveillance per week
  • Check alarm system where applicable
  • Check and secure all doors and windows
  • Check heating system and it’s associated controls
  • Management of waste and garbage
  • Check for unwanted flyers and newspapers
  • Do a rotation of powered on lights in the premises
  • Water indoor plants if required
  • Feed domestic animals upon request
  • Check for broken water pipes or gas leaks
  • In case of a power outage, verify main switch, and reset timers and appliances
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Ensure external belongings are secure (barbeques, sheds, etc)
  • Inspect interior and exterior for vandalism or forced entry
  • Take charge of any emergency that could arise
  • Check overall appearance of residence

Rates - Sécural™ "Basic" Package (basic services)

  • 1 week $70
  • 2 weeks $120
  • 3 weeks $175
  • 4 weeks $230

Sécural™ "Plus" Package

In addition to the basic package, we offer a variety of "peace-of-mind" services such as:

  • A driver to bring your vehicle to a pre-determined location (within a 40 kilometer radius from your residence)
  • During Winter months: shoveling of your main entrance each visit
  • During Winter months: starting your vehicle each visit
  • Summer Months: Check swimming pool(water level and chlorine)
  • Handing over your residence functional upon arrival such as starting your air conditioner, or if needed, shopping for the necessary food needed upon arrival (from an established grocery list)
  • Receive and take charge of different maintenance contractors (snow maintenance, lawn maintenance, house cleaning)
  • Minor repairs
  • Receive and take in charge contractors (painting, roof repairs, etc...)
  • Surveillance of the any work to ensure proper execution
  • Secure the residence while major work is being done

Rates - Sécural™ "Plus" Package

Along with the basic services package, you can add up to four "peace-of-mind" services for only $40 per week. The cost for every other added service in this package is 20$.

Please note: The price for waiting for a contractor is $ 20 per hour, however there is no charge for the first hour.

Cédal Package

A completely customized package that includes any services described above, plus any additional ones not listed or ones of your choosing.

  • You decide on the services
  • You decide on the frequency of the visits
  • Together we agree on the cost of your package

Rates - Cédal Package

The rate for this package is dependant on the services you choose. Since it is a completely customizable package, together we agree on a rate. However, the minimum cost is $ 70 a week.